Pharmacist Partners is the

Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO)

We create a direct personal link between our clients — Hospitals, Payers, ACO's and Pharmaceutical Companies — and the patient, to address the main factors contributing to the pharmaceutical industry’s number one concern:  medication adherence.

Our pharmacist partners deliver unbiased outcome-based information as well as educational programs to assist practitioners to make clinically-appropriate pharmacotherapy decisions.


A peer-to-peer healthcare service organization of pharmacists sharing evidence-based knowledge with all practitioners in their respective communities.

The Past: Sales-Driven Relationships Sample drops and rushed conversations with increasingly unreceptive and busy physicians. No consistent feedback loop between pharma, physicians, pharmacists, and patients.

What is a Clinical Knowledge Organization (CKO)?

A CKO drives change within the biopharmaceutical marketing paradigm by placing a higher value on educating practitioners while advocating for the patient.


Pharmacist Partners develops and utilizes integrated programs designed specifically for each client. From clinical program and product launch support resources, to medication literacy and adherence solutions. The result is higher medication literacy, increased adherence, and empowered patients with improved health outcomes.

The Pharmacist Partner Future: Outcome-Driven Relationships Advanced education and advocacy to strengthen the relationship between our clients, providers,
and patients.

“The industry is at a crossroads of
Innovation and Sustainability,
this requires rethinking
its model.” David Perry, co-Founder Pharmacist Partners

Together with our clients we are drawing a roadmap to help the
biopharmaceutical industry responsibly navigate its way into a new era.

Value to the Patient

Pharmacist Partners is dedicated to improve patient health and quality of medication decisions. We accomplish this by interacting with practitioners who become better equipped to prescribe and counsel patients.

The patient will have a trusted advisor who will coach them on their medication therapy, adherence and interactions, while reducing overall unnecessary hospital / ER visits. The more informed healthcare provider is better equipped to address barriers to superior patient care; including adverse effects, managed care topics, and language or cultural concerns.

Focused Interactions with Practitioners Lead to:

    • Better access and collaborative interactions
    • Improved medication literacy
    • Greater efficiency within the healthcare process
    • Valuable patient feedback
    • Focus on trust and value
    • Increased "health equity" within the decision process

Value for Prescribers and
Health Care Practitioners

Pharmacist Partners is a trusted peer-to-peer resource to the practitioners we serve. We pioneered the innovative, bi-directional exchange of clinical information and collaborative consultations between our pharmacist partners and practitioners. In turn, these practitioners serve patients who will trust, understand, and comply with their overall medication management regimens.

Value for Health Care Practitioners

  • Improve knowledge of products
  • Play enriched role as ‘medication consultant’
  • Develop greater trust and perceived value among patients
  • Play greater role in medication therapy management (MTM) and directing patient behaviors
  • Receive feedback on current and correct
    prescription information
  • Develop collaborative relationship with
    biopharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Improve flow of timely information from biopharmaceutical companies

Value to Our Clients

Each day the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends $ 77 million on marketing and promotion...but loses $515 million in revenue due to non-compliance.

Improved prescription compliance, combined with decreased medication errors, will help to reduce overall healthcare costs leading to optimal patient care. Our pharmacist partners can be deployed expeditiously and effectively to address fluctuating market needs. This creates a low-risk business model versus hiring full time personnel. With the emphasis placed on positively effecting proper utilization, Pharmacist Partners can reverse the trend of lost product revenue due to sub-optimal patient adherence to therapeutic regimens and unfilled prescriptions, and thereby increase brand performance.

Value to Our Clients

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Shorter training curve for each program
  • Advanced product, disease, and regulatory acumen
  • National footprint, rapid deployment
  • Specialists in consultative interactions and
    closed-loop marketing

Who are our Pharmacist Partners?

    • We are credentialed, advanced-degree pharmacists
    • With an average 10 years clinical experience
    • Consultative expertise in disease states and Medication Therapy Management
    • Established relationships among top prescribers and related professionals nationwide
    • And we have access to hard-to-reach retail pharmacists

Pharmacist Partners is poised to be the industry leader in clinical pharmacist consultation, completing the need for a comprehensive prescriber to patient continuum.

News + Press Releases

  • Dr. Zeshan Mahmood joins Pharmacist Partners as Clinical Director of Healthcare Strategy

    Dr. Zeshan Mahmood, PharmD, has joined Pharmacist Partners as the Clinical Director of Healthcare Strategy.  He is working on a variety of market research studies as well as our home care initiative. He is also currently a practicing pharmacist for Walgreens licensed in Washington DC and Virginia. In addition, Zeshan currently works with NovaScripts Central, […]

  • Dr. Larry Westfall joins PharmacistPartners as VP Value Based Care

    Recently, Larry was Larry was Director, Healthcare Quality Alliances for the Strategic Customer Group within JnJ Health Care Systems. He was part of a team responsible for developing an understanding of the changing dynamics within the US healthcare system.

  • Alan Krumholz joins Pharmacist Partners as Medical Director

    Dr. Alan Krumholz has joined Pharmacist Partners, CKO as its Medical Director and Advisor.  As a CKO, Pharmacist Partners utilizes Pharmacists to provide education and advocacy to Patients and healthcare practitioners, on behalf of its clients (Hospitals, Payers, Employers, ACO’s, Pharmaceutical companies). Dr. Krumholz recently retired from the Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS) where he […]

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