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John Castellani of PhRMA Appointed to Pharmacist Partners’® Advisory Board


May 2013: Florida | New York:  John Castellani, president and chief executive officer of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), has been appointed to the advisory board of Pharmacist Partners, LLC. The announcement was made today by Pharmacist Partners, The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO).   As a CKO, Pharmacist Partners utilizes Pharmacists to provide education and advocacy to healthcare practitioners, on behalf of its biopharmaceutical clients.

John CastellaniMr. Castellani, one of the most respected visionaries in Corporate America, leads PhRMA, an organization representing America’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies.  PhRMA’s membership includes more than a half million healthcare professionals from  the most innovative research-based companies in the world. In his leadership role at PhRMA and in the industry, Mr. Castellani is spearheading initiatives to promote innovation and patient-centered solutions to health care challenges.

“Improving patient health requires constructive and informed engagement among all stakeholders in the health care delivery chain, including pharmacists, prescribers and biopharmaceutical research companies,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J. Castellani. “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that improving adherence to prescribed medicines and therapies leads to better health outcomes and helps to reduce costs in other areas of health care, such as hospitalization and surgery. I am proud to join the Advisory Board of Pharmacist Partners to help advance our shared objectives of improving medication literacy and adherence to medicines – all of which are focused on helping patients enjoy healthier lives.

“We are delighted and extremely fortunate to have John Castellani accept this position on our Advisory Board,” said David Perry, CEO of Pharmacist Partners.  “As we bring our unique business model and capabilities to a broad range of client engagements, John will be invaluable to our leadership team. As a company focused on elevating medical literacy among patients to improve adherence rates, we feel particularly fortunate to have someone with such vast knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry join our advisory board.”        

As a clinical knowledge organization, Pharmacist Partners is dedicated to improving patient health and quality of life by leveraging the knowledge and education of its clinical staff. On behalf of its clients, Pharmacist Partners provides a network of pharmacists acting as consultants and adherence advocates to interact with healthcare practitioners in the field. As experienced pharmacists themselves, the Pharmacist Partners consultants possess a clinical acumen that brings peer credibility to these interactions. They are knowledgeable advocates of viable solutions to medication literacy and adherence issues, a joint directive of both the biopharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

With current industry challenges, such as shrinking sales forces and a heightened focus on outcomes, the consultants address these issues while benefiting pharmacists, drug manufacturers and, most importantly, patients. They also are a valuable resource to companies with seasonal needs or during product launches, providing closed loop feedback from pharmacists to the pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2012,  Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.



Jack Kelly To Speak At Medication Adherence Seminar In Raleigh, NC


December 2012: Florida | New York: Pharmacist Partners is pleased to announce its participation in the OPTIMIZING PHARMACEUTICAL PATIENT ADHERENCE CONFERENCE in Raleigh, NC, January 14-15, 2013. Jack Kelly, R.Ph. and Chief Business Officer for Pharmacist Partners will speak on The Emerging Role of the Pharmacist: Bridging the Gap Between Manufacturer and Consumers to Improve Medication Adherence and Health Outcomes.

Mr. Kelly will cover multiple industry sensitive topics such as overall Industry Challenges, the Adherence Crisis, Marketing Challenges, Information Flow, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), and the Pharmacist-Patient Link: Going from Informal to Informed.pic3

Mr Kelly is uniquely qualified to offer valuable insight into this marketing paradox. Prior to joining Pharmacist Partners in August, 2012, he spent 15 years with Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (DSI) in Sales, Marketing, Training, Trade & Pharmacy Relations, and Managed Care.

Most recently, as the National Director of the Managed Markets Department, Mr. Kelly’s account teams were successful in maintaining and enhancing their product portfolio formulary access and pull-through efforts in brand categories with intense generic intrusion and increasing product lifecycle challenges. Prior to joining the Managed Markets Department at DSI after the Daiichi merger, Mr. Kelly held the position of National Director, Trade & Pharmacy Relations.

About Pharmacist Partners

Pharmacist Partners is an organization consisting of highly experienced, licensed pharmacists sharing evidence based clinical knowledge to ALL healthcare providers in their respective communities. The organization delivers unbiased and outcomes based information as well as educational programs to assist practitioners in making clinically appropriate pharmacotherapy decisions and improve patient compliance and persistency using appropriate disease state education with the ultimate goal of reducing total healthcare costs. The team also has expertise in new product launch, approaching the task as an educational opportunity for prescribers and allowing new products to assume their proper role in outstanding patient care. Customized programs can also be designed to address local needs. Pharmacist Partners is poised to be the industry leader in clinical pharmacy programs, completing the need for a prescriber – patient continuum.

Why was Pharmacist Partners Created?

In the arena of contract sales organizations, the age of the cookie cutter, mass-market pharmaceutical blockbuster is over. Along with it went the old sales model of deploying massive numbers of non-clinical sales personnel to detail physicians and other prescribers to achieve a greater share-of-voice in the market.

Today, most new products are in niche areas such as vaccines, oncology, and biologicals. These new products cater to specific markets, and require clinicians to have a greater level of knowledge on their benefits and risks. Pharmacist Partners was developed to address the need for a highly skilled, “Clinical Knowledge Organization” to provide the level of clinical experience and knowledge that only our staff of pharmacist partners can offer.

Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.

Pharmacist Partners® LLC Announces Strategic Alliance With Mind Field Solutions Corp



November 2012: Florida | New York: Pharmacist Partners®, The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO), is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Dr. Andrea LaFountain and Mind Field Solutions.

Medication adherence is the biopharmaceutical industry’s number one concern.  To address these issues, Pharmacist Partners has established an alliance with Mind Field Solutions.

The services of Pharmacist Partners focus on increasing the medication literacy and adherence of our clients’ products. We deliver results through the use of highly-qualified and licensed pharmacists who interact with key practitioners to educate and advocate on behalf of our biopharmaceutical clients. While the U.S. pharmaceutical industry takes steps to address the adherence issue Pharmacist Partners is positioned to complement this effort with the combination of our pharmacist partner team and Mind Field Solutions’ predictive adherence tool.

“We are delighted to enter into a strategic relationship with Mind Field Solutions”, said Jack Kelly, R.Ph., and Chief Business Officer at Pharmacist Partners. “Without question Mind Field has substantiated its algorithm with real-world application and we seek to add the power of these tools to the service offering of Pharmacist Partners. This partnership is driven by the shared value placed on adherence modeling and its merits as a key tool to better understand the factors contributing to non-adherence. In addition, the inclusion of this predictive tool provides our clients with a more comprehensive marketing strategy, on both a practitioner level and empirical level.”

As competition increases and the environment gets tighter with regulatory controls and cost containment, scientifically directed healthcare programs is a necessary requirement for continued investment in pharmaceutical marketing to drive double-digit growth.

Predictive Models:  Consumers process many facets of information in their healthcare decisions, both rational and irrational, conscious and subconscious. Unveiling the hidden truth of consumers isn’t an art – it’s a science.

Dr. Andrea LaFountain

Dr. LaFountain is a Cognitive Psychologist with 20 years healthcare experience, 13 years within the pharmaceutical industry and her research has been described as “measuring the immeasurable.” The success of her work is due to an innovative technique that applies cognitive psychology to determining the core drivers of customer behavior — an essential approach if real behavior modification is the strategic focus.

She has published some of her adherence work with Dr. Partridge, Harvard Medical School, in the top-tier Journal of Clinical Oncology (Feb., 2008)2 where the Editors described the research as “expected to have a substantial and immediate impact on clinical practice”!

Dr. LaFountain holds three US patents and one global patent for innovation in pharmaceutical marketing and analytics.

Why was Pharmacist Partners created?

In today’s highly specialized market, new products are in niche areas such as vaccines, oncology, and biologicals.  These new products cater to targeted markets, and require clinicians to have detailed knowledge regarding product benefits and risks.  Pharmacist Partners was developed to address the need for a highly skilled, “Clinical Knowledge Organization” to provide a specialized level of clinical experience and knowledge that only our staff of pharmacist partners can offer.

Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.

Mind Field Solutions Corp. is a strategic neuroscience provider based in Pennsylvania.

Pharmacist Partners Announces First Advisory Board Members


September 2012: Florida | New York: Pharmacist Partners, The Clinical Knowledge Organization, is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board.

Pharmacist Partners’ Advisory Board (“AB”) works with its management team in the planning, development and execution of business and commercial strategies. Our advisors are well-respected, experienced healthcare professionals as well as academic and business leaders. This diverse nature is testimony to the Company’s interest in assembling a group with representation along each critical facet of our company and our market.


Dr. Sal Giorgianni, a practicing pharmacist, consultant pharmacist and pharmacist educator, is recognized as an expert in men’s health, pharmacy practice and the U.S. biopharmaceutical industry. Dr. Giorgianni currently serves on several patient and professional association board of directors including the AOA Foundation, the National Association for Continence, the American Public Health Association and the Men’s Health Network.

Prior to his founding of Griffon Consulting Group, Inc. in 2006, he had responsibilities in medical, marketing, sales, image management, regulatory affairs and alliance development at Pfizer spanning a 27 year career.  During that time Dr. Giorgianni was a member of product development and global launch teams including those for Cefobid, Aricept, Lipitor, Zoloft and Viagra. As Director of External Relations he was responsible for developing relationships with professional and voluntary health associations and was the founder and Editor-In-Chief of “The Pfizer Journal”, a bi-monthly publication on biomedical and healthcare policy.

Dr. Giorgianni has authored over 120 articles in health care, serves on several peer review publication committees and is a frequent speaker at professional and general audience programs on men’s health and health care practice. Dr. Giorgianni is an active member of and part of the leadership for the Men’s Health Network and chair of the American Public Health Association Men’s Health Caucus. Dr. Giorgianni holds a Bachelors of Science and a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate degree from Columbia University in New York City.

Ms. Jody Stern, R.Ph.,  is currently a consultant to Medicare Part D health plans. Ms. Stern is engaged in a variety of assignments including the auditing of coverage determinations/exceptions; fraud, waste and abuse; transition programs; pic2Medication Therapy Management; policy and procedure reviews; CMS Data Validation; CMS mock audits; development and implementation of corrective action plans and requests for proposal assistance.

Ms. Stern has more than 20 years of healthcare management experience. Previously, she was Director of Medicare Clinical Programs and Formulary Implementation for Aetna Pharmacy Management (APM). In that role, Ms. Stern was responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of all pharmacy clinical programs associated with Aetna’s Medicare pharmacy plans, including formulary management, transition management and Medication Therapy Management Programs. Additionally, her experience at Aetna included the hiring and management of staff, along with operations oversight, compliance monitoring and project management.

Prior to joining Aetna, Ms. Stern worked for Prudential Healthcare as a Clinical Pharmacist. In that position, she created, staffed and implemented a Formulary Precertification Unit. Other roles at Prudential Healthcare included serving as Director of Drug Information and SeniorCare Liaison for Pharmacy, where Ms. Stern helped to develop the pharmacy Medicare benefit.

Her professional background also includes pharmacy communications, retail pharmacy management, serving as a pharmacy manager and store manager, as a staff model HMO Pharmacist-in-Charge for Integrated Pharmacy Solutions, Inc. and as a pharmacist at Emory University Hospital.

Ms. Stern graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Pharmacy. Prior to receiving her pharmacy degree, she attended Skidmore College and Emory University and graduated from Emory University with a B.S. in Biology. Ms. Stern is a licensed registered pharmacist in the state of Georgia.

Why was Pharmacist Partners created?

As pharmaceutical markets and healthcare delivery evolve in this critical time of change, the models of providing the expanded stakeholders with information about new technologies and service will also change.  Models that relied on sheer-scale and share-of-voice are evolving into approaches that are more sophisticated, tailored and with broader outreach to an increasing number and variety of health professionals.

Today, an increasingly important segment of new products are in niche areas such as vaccines, oncology, hybrid drug-devices and biologicals.  These new products cater to specific markets, and require clinicians and patients to have a greater level of knowledge on their uses, benefits and risks.  Pharmacist Partners was developed to address the need for a highly skilled, “Clinical Knowledge Organization” to provide the level of clinical experience and knowledge that only our staff of pharmacist partners can offer.

Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.