Griff Danheim and Sandra M. Katterman Join Pharmacist Partners®


November 2013: Florida | New York:  Sandra McManus-Kattermann (R.Ph., M.S.J.) and Griff Danheim join Pharmacist Partners®, The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO).   As a CKO, Pharmacist Partners utilizes Pharmacists to provide education and advocacy to healthcare practitioners, on behalf of its biopharmaceutical clients.

Griff Danheim joins the company as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Alliances.  Griff came to Pharmacist Partners from Rexam Healthcare, where he led the development of strategic alliances and contracts with group purchasing organizations.  Previously, Griff held senior positions at Intelligent Hospital Systems, AmerisourceBergen Technology Group, Lone Star Medical (Now Cooper Medical) and Fougera.  Griff brings over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales, sales management, national accounts manageGriffment, sales operations, pharmacy technology and business development to Pharmacist Partners.


“Our business model has expanded in a manner that required us to seek an industry professional with Griff’s skill set and experience,” said David Perry, CEO. “Griff will lead our efforts to develop relationships and strategic partnerships with key entities within the health care system including hospital networks, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare technology. We are delighted to work with Griff who has quickly become an integral member of our leadership team.”

Sandra McManus-Kattermann, RPh., M.S.J., joins the company as Senior Vice President of Compliance.  Previously, Sandra held positions at PPD, J&J, Bayer, Pfizer, BTG (Biotechnology General), and Knoll Pharma.  Sandra received a B.S. in Pharmacy from St. John’s University and her M.S.J in Health Care Law and Intellectual Property from Seton Hall.  She is also a Registered and Licensed Pharmacist in good standing, in New Jersey.

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“Based upon our interactions with Sandra when she was advising Pharmacist Partners on matters concerning compliance it was abundantly clear she would eventually fill a needed role within our company. Sandra is highly detail-oriented and quite knowledgeable of the rules and regulations that govern what we do. Our company will benefit to a great degree from Sandra’s role as a key member of our leadership team”, said David Perry, CEO.

About Pharmacist Partners:  As The Clinical Knowledge Organization, Pharmacist Partners is dedicated to improving patient health and quality of life by leveraging the knowledge and education of its clinical staff. On behalf of its clients, Pharmacist Partners provides a network of pharmacists acting as consultants and adherence advocates to interact with healthcare practitioners in the field. As experienced pharmacists themselves, the Pharmacist Partners consultants possess a clinical acumen that brings peer credibility to these interactions. They are knowledgeable advocates of viable solutions to medication literacy and adherence issues, a joint directive of both the biopharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

With current industry challenges, such as shrinking sales forces and a heightened focus on outcomes, the consultants address these issues while benefiting pharmacists, drug manufacturers and, most importantly, patients. They also are a valuable resource to companies with seasonal needs or during product launches, providing closed loop feedback from pharmacists to the pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2012, Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization with offices in Florida and New York.


ABOUT PHARMACIST PARTNERS: Pharmacist Partners is The Clinical Knowledge Organization with offices in Florida and New York.

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