Jack Kelly To Speak At Medication Adherence Seminar In Raleigh, NC


December 2012: Florida | New York: Pharmacist Partners is pleased to announce its participation in the OPTIMIZING PHARMACEUTICAL PATIENT ADHERENCE CONFERENCE in Raleigh, NC, January 14-15, 2013. Jack Kelly, R.Ph. and Chief Business Officer for Pharmacist Partners will speak on The Emerging Role of the Pharmacist: Bridging the Gap Between Manufacturer and Consumers to Improve Medication Adherence and Health Outcomes.

Mr. Kelly will cover multiple industry sensitive topics such as overall Industry Challenges, the Adherence Crisis, Marketing Challenges, Information Flow, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), and the Pharmacist-Patient Link: Going from Informal to Informed.pic3

Mr Kelly is uniquely qualified to offer valuable insight into this marketing paradox. Prior to joining Pharmacist Partners in August, 2012, he spent 15 years with Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (DSI) in Sales, Marketing, Training, Trade & Pharmacy Relations, and Managed Care.

Most recently, as the National Director of the Managed Markets Department, Mr. Kelly’s account teams were successful in maintaining and enhancing their product portfolio formulary access and pull-through efforts in brand categories with intense generic intrusion and increasing product lifecycle challenges. Prior to joining the Managed Markets Department at DSI after the Daiichi merger, Mr. Kelly held the position of National Director, Trade & Pharmacy Relations.

About Pharmacist Partners

Pharmacist Partners is an organization consisting of highly experienced, licensed pharmacists sharing evidence based clinical knowledge to ALL healthcare providers in their respective communities. The organization delivers unbiased and outcomes based information as well as educational programs to assist practitioners in making clinically appropriate pharmacotherapy decisions and improve patient compliance and persistency using appropriate disease state education with the ultimate goal of reducing total healthcare costs. The team also has expertise in new product launch, approaching the task as an educational opportunity for prescribers and allowing new products to assume their proper role in outstanding patient care. Customized programs can also be designed to address local needs. Pharmacist Partners is poised to be the industry leader in clinical pharmacy programs, completing the need for a prescriber – patient continuum.

Why was Pharmacist Partners Created?

In the arena of contract sales organizations, the age of the cookie cutter, mass-market pharmaceutical blockbuster is over. Along with it went the old sales model of deploying massive numbers of non-clinical sales personnel to detail physicians and other prescribers to achieve a greater share-of-voice in the market.

Today, most new products are in niche areas such as vaccines, oncology, and biologicals. These new products cater to specific markets, and require clinicians to have a greater level of knowledge on their benefits and risks. Pharmacist Partners was developed to address the need for a highly skilled, “Clinical Knowledge Organization” to provide the level of clinical experience and knowledge that only our staff of pharmacist partners can offer.

Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.


ABOUT PHARMACIST PARTNERS: Pharmacist Partners is The Clinical Knowledge Organization with offices in Florida and New York.

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