John Castellani of PhRMA Appointed to Pharmacist Partners’® Advisory Board


May 2013: Florida | New York:  John Castellani, president and chief executive officer of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), has been appointed to the advisory board of Pharmacist Partners, LLC. The announcement was made today by Pharmacist Partners, The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO).   As a CKO, Pharmacist Partners utilizes Pharmacists to provide education and advocacy to healthcare practitioners, on behalf of its biopharmaceutical clients.

John CastellaniMr. Castellani, one of the most respected visionaries in Corporate America, leads PhRMA, an organization representing America’s leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies.  PhRMA’s membership includes more than a half million healthcare professionals from  the most innovative research-based companies in the world. In his leadership role at PhRMA and in the industry, Mr. Castellani is spearheading initiatives to promote innovation and patient-centered solutions to health care challenges.

“Improving patient health requires constructive and informed engagement among all stakeholders in the health care delivery chain, including pharmacists, prescribers and biopharmaceutical research companies,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J. Castellani. “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that improving adherence to prescribed medicines and therapies leads to better health outcomes and helps to reduce costs in other areas of health care, such as hospitalization and surgery. I am proud to join the Advisory Board of Pharmacist Partners to help advance our shared objectives of improving medication literacy and adherence to medicines – all of which are focused on helping patients enjoy healthier lives.

“We are delighted and extremely fortunate to have John Castellani accept this position on our Advisory Board,” said David Perry, CEO of Pharmacist Partners.  “As we bring our unique business model and capabilities to a broad range of client engagements, John will be invaluable to our leadership team. As a company focused on elevating medical literacy among patients to improve adherence rates, we feel particularly fortunate to have someone with such vast knowledge of the biopharmaceutical industry join our advisory board.”        

As a clinical knowledge organization, Pharmacist Partners is dedicated to improving patient health and quality of life by leveraging the knowledge and education of its clinical staff. On behalf of its clients, Pharmacist Partners provides a network of pharmacists acting as consultants and adherence advocates to interact with healthcare practitioners in the field. As experienced pharmacists themselves, the Pharmacist Partners consultants possess a clinical acumen that brings peer credibility to these interactions. They are knowledgeable advocates of viable solutions to medication literacy and adherence issues, a joint directive of both the biopharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

With current industry challenges, such as shrinking sales forces and a heightened focus on outcomes, the consultants address these issues while benefiting pharmacists, drug manufacturers and, most importantly, patients. They also are a valuable resource to companies with seasonal needs or during product launches, providing closed loop feedback from pharmacists to the pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2012,  Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.




ABOUT PHARMACIST PARTNERS: Pharmacist Partners is The Clinical Knowledge Organization with offices in Florida and New York.

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