Harold Cohen, R.Ph., Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, U.S. Pharmacist appointed to Pharmacist Partners® Advisory Board


June 19, 2013: Florida | New York:  Harold Cohen, R.Ph., Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. Pharmacist, has been appointed to the advisory board of Pharmacist Partners, LLC. The announcement was made today by Pharmacist Partners®, The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ (CKO).   As a CKO, Pharmacist Partners utilizes Pharmacists to provide education and advocacy to healthcare practitioners, on behalf of its biopharmaceutical clients.

During hish_cohen_0 40-year professional career, Harold has served on several national and international association committees and boards, and twice as the Chairman of the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs.   He is a well-known speaker both here and abroad on topics related to pharmacy and communications. As Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. Pharmacist, Harold is responsible for the editorial and business direction of this clinically focused, peer-reviewed publication with a circulation of 138,000 pharmacists.  

“While I could write tomes about the negative side of our current health care system, I prefer to focus my attention on how to save American taxpayers the burden of paying for such excessive fraud, waste, and abuse”, said Harold.  “This would involve utilizing pharmacists in a more serious consultative role to make sure patients are taking their medications properly and on schedule, thus saving the health care system millions of dollars in unnecessary doctor and ER visits and hospital stays. Pharmacists are ready and willing to take on this new role. It probably won’t eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse, but it will go a long way toward fixing what is wrong with health care in America today.”

 “It was quite evident during our first meeting that Harold undoubtedly supported our mission and we equally envisioned a collaborative relationship in due course.” said David Perry, CEO of Pharmacist Partners.  “Harold brings a unique, passionate perspective to our advisory board and organization, one that will influence how we position our service offering to our clients. His tenure at U.S. Pharmacist has paved the way for a company like Pharmacist Partners. It’s our pleasure to team with Harold and pursue our common objective of elevating the role of pharmacists.”

Harold joins John Castellani; CEO and President of PhRMA, Dr. Salvatore Giorgianni; Chairman Men’s Health Caucus, and Jody Stern R.Ph., on the Pharmacist Partners Advisory Board.

About Pharmacist Partners:  As The Clinical Knowledge Organization, Pharmacist Partners is dedicated to improving patient health and quality of life by leveraging the knowledge and education of its clinical staff. On behalf of its clients, Pharmacist Partners provides a network of pharmacists acting as consultants and adherence advocates to interact with healthcare practitioners in the field. As experienced pharmacists themselves, the Pharmacist Partners consultants possess a clinical acumen that brings peer credibility to these interactions. They are knowledgeable advocates of viable solutions to medication literacy and adherence issues, a joint directive of both the biopharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

With current industry challenges, such as shrinking sales forces and a heightened focus on outcomes, the consultants address these issues while benefiting pharmacists, drug manufacturers and, most importantly, patients. They also are a valuable resource to companies with seasonal needs or during product launches, providing closed loop feedback from pharmacists to the pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 2012, Pharmacist Partners® is The Clinical Knowledge Organization™ with offices in Florida and New York.

About U.S. Pharmacist:  In addition to its in-depth clinical editorial, each U.S. Pharmacist issue features articles on a variety of subjects important to pharmacists including: pharmacy law, U.S. FDA issues, exclusive patient-teaching aids, USP medication safety reviews, the latest information on new products, and continuing education.


ABOUT PHARMACIST PARTNERS: Pharmacist Partners is The Clinical Knowledge Organization with offices in Florida and New York.

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